Craig Markham: What it Takes to Succeed in Law Enforcement

Craig Markham was a law enforcement officer between 2002 and 2015. He is a native of Ontario, Canada and enjoyed being able to serve his community in a professional capacity. He graduated from the Ontario Police College in 2002 and became employed as a police constable. He worked for the Waterloo Regional Police Service and focused on serving his community as best he could. Craig Markham enjoyed working with the public and helping to keep his community safe. If you want to build a successful career as a law enforcement officer, there are a few tips that you can take into consideration.

One tip is to focus on your communication skills. As a law enforcement officer, you will be expected to communicate with the public and with various public servant departments. While you are out on patrol or responding to a call, you will need to interact with people in order to determine why you were called and what people need. Once you have completed your call, you will need to write a report for your superiors. In some cases, you may even be expected to testify in court.

Another tip is to work on your customer service skills. Law enforcement officers and public servants. If you choose this career path, you will be responsible for helping people. You will need to be able to make people feel safe and secure.

A third tip is to continue your training. It may be helpful to enroll in any additional training course that is made available to you. Additional training you help you serve the public and move up through your career. Craig Markham served Ontario as a law enforcement officer for more than a decade. He focused on developing his skills so that he could better serve the community.

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Craig Markham: Three Reasons to Become a Youth Coach

Craig Markham is a former law enforcement officer in Ontario, Canada. He grew up in Kitchener and was involved in a number of sports and athletic programs. “Growing up, I was involved in competitive baseball, hockey, and judo” says Markham.

He was involved in the 1993 Ontario National Baseball team and helped his team take home the gold medal. He was scouted by the University of California Golden Bears but chose to remain in Kitchener for college. He was a law enforcement officer for more than a decade and enjoys getting involved with his community by coaching children’s judo.

If you want to get involved in your community, you may consider coaching a youth sport. As a coach, you may have the opportunity to meet new people and to build connections within your local community. You may find that you enjoy giving back to others and helping children learn how to play a sport.

Another reason to become a coach is to help children succeed. If you benefited from youth sports, you may want to help other children benefit as well. You can teach children the importance of fitness, athletics, and good sportsmanship.

A third reason to coach youth sports is to have some fun. Getting involved in local events and coaching children can be a great way to unwind and have fun. Mr. Craig Markham loved playing sports while he was growing up. He continues to stay active and volunteers as a youth judo coach in Ontario. Craig Markham cares about his community and giving back to others.

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Craig Markham: Correctional Officer

Craig Markham was a correctional officer before he was a police constable. He graduated from the Ontario Correctional Services College in 2001. He built his experience in corrections before moving on to become a police constable. Craig Markham enjoyed serving his community and working in law enforcement. Mr. Markham worked in law enforcement for more than a decade before retiring and starting a new career.

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Craig Markham: Are You Interested in Law Enforcement?

Craig Markham worked in law enforcement for many years. He was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and graduated from high school in 1995. He then entered the workforce in order to put himself through school.

Between 1998 and 2000, he attended Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario and graduated with a Law Enforcement and Investigations Certificate. Craig Markham then attended the Ontario Correctional Services College and the Ontario Police College. He used his education to become a successful police constable in Ontario. If you are interested in working in law enforcement, there are a few facts that you may need to know.

Law enforcement is a demanding career. You will need to go through special training in order to learn how to interact with the public and how to keep people safe. Once you complete your training, you will then need to spend your days working with the public, and helping people who are in need. You may spend time dealing with criminals and angry people as well.

As a law enforcement officer, you may spend some of your time in the court systems. You could be required to submit a report detailing a decision you may, and you could be called to testify on a case. As a law enforcement officer, you could benefit from developing communication skills as well as interpersonal skills.

If you choose to work in law enforcement, you may need to continue to build your education. There are several certificates available to you, and going through additional training could help you advance your career. Mr. Markham has completed an investigative interviewing techniques course as well as a team building course. While Craig Markham was a law enforcement officer, he cared about building his skills. Many of his experiences can be applied to other industries.

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Craig Markham – The Benefits of Sport

Craig Markham is a successful Police Constable who has been working in Law Enforcement for over fifteen years. His career achievements can be attributed to his hard work and dedication, but he also believes that the coordination and fitness he built up as an athlete have helped him with his work. During high school, he was competitive in baseball, hockey and judo, and was even offered a scholarship to play baseball at an American university.

Craig Markham

The benefits of his sporting prowess are not only the physical strength and fitness that comes with such demanding activities. He also believes that the mental discipline of training every day and working hard towards a goal have taught him the right mindset for working in Law Enforcement. He sees each day as a challenge and works hard to resolve problems with a competitive attitude. Being a team player is another part of sport philosophy that has helped him in life, and he first discovered the benefits of this attitude while working with his father in construction. The philosophy behind sports applies to many aspects of life and work, especially physical and mentally rigorous jobs such as Law Enforcement.

Craig Markham was a dedicated sportsman during high school and the benefits of this commitment can be seen in the longevity of his career and his accomplishments within the police force. Working to achieve goals is his focus in life, and this perspective allows him to succeed. Without the self-control he developed while training for competitive sports, he does not know where his career would have taken him.

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Craig Markham – Choosing the Right Career

Craig Markham, long-serving Police Constable based in Ontario, Canada, believes that he has found the right career. He came into Law Enforcement with reservations about whether it was right for him, but his doubts soon vanished and today, he enjoys his job. He found this career through a process of trial and error, rather than always believing he would work in the police force.

Craig Markham

Throughout high school, he enjoyed playing sports including hockey, judo and baseball. His proficiency at baseball led to him being offered a scholarship to a university based in America to play, but he declined this offer. Instead, he began to work in construction for his father’s firm, an easy entry into the work force that utilized his physical skills and taught him communication techniques that he still uses today.

A career path began to form in his mind as he worked on buildings with his father, and he decided to study at college while still working. His job in construction allowed him to pay his way through college, a useful advantage to have. He enjoyed his studies, graduating with honors, and was the top of his class at the Ontario Police College.

Craig Markham didn’t always have a clear career path in mind, but this has not stopped him from succeeding. He enjoys his job as a Police Constable and has worked in Law Enforcement for over fifteen years. When it came to choosing a career, he relied on his instincts rather than a set path, and this flexibility has paid off.

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