Craig Markham: Crime Prevention Tips Every Homeowner Needs

Craig Markham has spent the last fifteen years as a law enforcement professional. Charged with preventing crime and protecting the life and property of the community, he’s seen it all. For homeowners, it is important to establish a plan to prevent yourself from becoming the victim of a crime. Here are some crime prevention tips that every homeowner should follow.

Craig Markham

Craig Markham

  1. Walk around your property and look for weaknesses in your security that could allow potential burglars to target you. A committed burglar can usually find a way into your home, but doing your due diligence can make it more difficult to gain entry.

  2. Always, lock your doors and windows. While this may seem obvious, more than 40 percent of all burglaries don’t involve forced entry. Make sure all the doors that lead to the outside have deadbolts installed and always lock the door leading into the house from the garage.

  3. Don’t hide a key under the doormat or a fake rock. It is better to give a spare key to a neighbor. However, if you must keep a spare key outside, place it in a combination lockbox.

  4. Keep expensive items tucked away to keep you from becoming a target. Keep both cars in the garage, and keep expensive jewelry in a safe deposit box.

You can prevent yourself from becoming the victim of a crime by remaining vigilant and aware of the activities happening in your neighborhood. Craig Markham has spent the last fifteen years in law enforcement, speaking daily with members of the community and helping to prevent crime.

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Craig Markham: Top Benefits of Letting Kids Participate in Martial Arts

Craig Markham is a dedicated law enforcement professional in Ontario, Canada. Since 2000, he has been a volunteer at Take Control Self Defense, instructing children in the arts of Judo. It is taught as a competitive sport and teaches kids how to throw a partner using their balance and leverage. It is great for helping them to learn self-control and respect for their opponent. Here are some other benefits kids can gain from practicing martial arts.

Kadena Circle Festival

  • Fitness

Physical fitness is an important element in all martial arts classes. Many classes begin with participants completing pushups, jumping jacks, and a series of stretches. The movements practiced also challenge participants’ muscles and cardiovascular system, resulting in physically fit, flexible and toned individuals.

  • Self-Discipline

Martial arts encourage mental focus in participants. This will provide your child with better concentration, allowing him to see tasks through to their conclusion. The discipline learned in martial arts classes are often able to be translated into other areas in their life.

  • Respect

The physical nature of martial arts comes second to the teaching of respect for oneself and others. During the course of their lessons, children learn how to treat other students in the manner they wish to be treated and are instructed regularly on the practice of respecting oneself, parents, teachers, and peers.

The lessons learned during a martial arts class are ones that children carry with them throughout their lives. Craig Markham has been providing instruction in the art of Judo to children in Ontario, Canada for fifteen years.

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Craig Markham: How to Become a Police Constable

Craig Markham spent several years training to become a police constable in Ontario, Canada. Like most positions in law enforcement, he had to undergo extensive training. As a police constable, he is required to work with the community to ensure public safety through crime prevention and the enforcement of local bylaws.

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Becoming a police constable doesn’t require a four-year degree from a University, but you do have to have completed four years of secondary school. You must be physically and mentally able to complete the duties of the position and hold your own safety and the safety of the public in high regard. You also must meet these other requirements:

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  • You must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent Canadian resident;
  • You must be eighteen years or older;
  • You must maintain good habits and be of good moral character;
  • You have to have a valid Canadian driver’s license and have no more than six accumulated demerit points;
  • You need to be First Aid and C.P.R. certified;
  • You must meet vision and hearing standards;
  • You can’t have any criminal convictions; unless a pardon has been granted;
  • You have to pass the medical examination.

If you meet the above requirements, you have a good chance of becoming a police constable and starting a career in law enforcement. Craig Markham has been working as a Police Constable since 2002. He has completed numerous training courses and attended multiple seminars to ensure he possesses the best tools and information to keep those in his community safe.

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Top 8 assets of Craig Markham appearing in SERP

This post is about highlighting the top performing asset of Craig Markham. In this post, we are going to share the list of assets having the information about the various persons with name Craig Markham. Visit any one of below mentioned assets to explore:

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Craig Markham: Correctional Officer

Craig Markham was a correctional officer before he was a police constable. He graduated from the Ontario Correctional Services College in 2001. He built his experience in corrections before moving on to become a police constable. Craig Markham enjoyed serving his community and working in law enforcement. Mr. Markham worked in law enforcement for more than a decade before retiring and starting a new career.

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Craig Markham: Are You Interested in Law Enforcement?

Craig Markham worked in law enforcement for many years. He was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and graduated from high school in 1995. He then entered the workforce in order to put himself through school.

Between 1998 and 2000, he attended Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario and graduated with a Law Enforcement and Investigations Certificate. Craig Markham then attended the Ontario Correctional Services College and the Ontario Police College. He used his education to become a successful police constable in Ontario. If you are interested in working in law enforcement, there are a few facts that you may need to know.

Law enforcement is a demanding career. You will need to go through special training in order to learn how to interact with the public and how to keep people safe. Once you complete your training, you will then need to spend your days working with the public, and helping people who are in need. You may spend time dealing with criminals and angry people as well.

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As a law enforcement officer, you may spend some of your time in the court systems. You could be required to submit a report detailing a decision you may, and you could be called to testify on a case. As a law enforcement officer, you could benefit from developing communication skills as well as interpersonal skills.

If you choose to work in law enforcement, you may need to continue to build your education. There are several certificates available to you, and going through additional training could help you advance your career. Mr. Markham has completed an investigative interviewing techniques course as well as a team building course. While Craig Markham was a law enforcement officer, he cared about building his skills. Many of his experiences can be applied to other industries.

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Craig Markham – Pursuing a Career in Law Enforcement

Craig Markham is a successful Police Constable based in Ontario, Canada. He enjoys his job and the experiences it has brought him. Since beginning in his position, he has learnt a lot about negotiating with people and communicating directly, as well as more specific skills necessary for investigations. The team atmosphere is something that he believes is one of the strong points of Law Enforcement, as he can rely on the others in his department to work just as hard as he does. Becoming more in touch with the community of his hometown is another advantage that his career has brought him, and he enjoys projecting a positive image for the police force.

Craig MarkhamDuring high school, he pursued sports more than studies and graduated with no particular career in mind, despite being offered a prestigious baseball scholarship. He left school and went to work for his father’s construction firm, a fallback option that taught him many life lessons about hard work. With this job in construction, he was able to pay his way through later studies in college, an advantage that many do not have today. These experiences prior to his college studies combined to make him an ideal candidate for law enforcement, with a strong work ethic and good physical fitness to help him through the training.

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As he worked at his father’s construction firm, his interest in attending college and pursuing a career in Law Enforcement grew. Craig Markham began to realize that studying and joining the police force were two ways to open up opportunities and to give back to the hometown that had given him a great childhood experience. He enrolled in Conestoga College to pursue a Law Enforcement and Investigations to Certificate, which he attained honors in. The hard work he put in led him to study for his first job in Law Enforcement as a Corrections Officer at the Ontario Correctional Services College. With excellent grades, he began to work, building up experience for his dream job as Police Constable.

In 2002, he decided to study at the Ontario Police College and become a Police Constable. He excelled in his studies, attaining an average of 97.3% and finishing at the top of his class. The experiences he had in construction and Correctional Services helped him, as did his previous studies. With his studies complete, he was soon employed by Waterloo Regional Police Service, where he worked for over a decade. With more than fifteen years of Law Enforcement experience, he still enjoys his job and believes that it is one of the most fulfilling professions available. He gives back to his hometown and his country while working, and the community thanks him for his diligent work.

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