Craig Markham Appreciates a Good Movie

Watching movies is a pastime that former Police Constable Craig Markham really enjoys. Fortunately for him, Canada has a long history of film and cinema production. Not only can he find hundreds of films that were produced in Canada, there are thousands more that were created in conjunction with the film industry of the United States. The first movies ever shot in Canada were set at Niagara Falls. Since 1911, over sixteen hundred films have been produced through the Canadian film industry. There are many professional movie studios in the country, with most being found in Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto. There are nearly three thousand movie theatre screens spread around the nation, each offering a diverse showing of Canadian and American films each year.

Craig Markham

There have been many notable films over the years, produced or created by a Canadian film studio. Movies like Crash, a 1996 award winner, and Once Upon a Time in the East are very well known. Cult classics such as Porky’s and Meatballs are both Canadian films that found immense success worldwide.

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In this country, much like Europe, the director of the film is the driving force behind its fame. Canada boasts hundreds of acclaimed directors throughout history, including Paul Almond, Gilles Carle, Denys Arcand, and Christian Duguay. James Cameron, director of the blockbuster hits Titanic and Avatar, was born in Canada. Whether he is renting a movie at home or going to the theater, Craig Markham finds movies to be a great entertainment.

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