Animal Welfare Concerns with Ontario Native Craig Markham

When Craig Markham was not working as a Law Enforcement Officer or teaching self-defense through judo, he could be found spending time as an advocate for animal welfare. The concept of animal welfare, the total well-being of animals, is a vast topic. There are many things to consider under this umbrella, including the type of animals in question. There are some animal welfare activists and supporters who are primarily concerned with domesticated pets, while others focus more on wildlife or farm animals. Markham follows the concerns of each type of animal, and their need for proper care.

As a Police Constable, he was exposed to situations where animals were abused or neglected. This is one of the reasons that animal welfare and rights has become so important to him. He is of the same thinking as many, that animals should be treated well, even though they are not humans with the ability to speak. Animals are naturally programmed to survive, even in the most horrid conditions, but this does not mean that they should be subjected to those hardships.

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When someone chooses to take on the responsibility of owning an animal or pet, their level of commitment should be as high as if they were raising their own child. Craig Markham believes that he and others like him are a valuable voice for animals, who do not have the ability to speak for themselves or tell someone that they are being neglected.

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