Craig Markham – Tips on New Hire Training

Being approached by your superiors to train others in your chosen field of endeavor is a very high compliment, and this is an honor that was bestowed on Craig Markham. When he was a Police Constable for the Waterloo Regional Police Service in Cambridge, Ontario, he was the kind of person that the higher-ups wanted to clone if it was possible. The next best thing would be to ask Craig Markham to lead and train new hires, and that is exactly what they did. Of course, he accepted this responsibility willingly, and he excelled as a designated training officer.

Craig Markham

Why was he so effective? A lot of people can do what they do well, but they are not necessarily very good at explaining it to others. Communication skills are tantamount. Plus, there are different ways to accomplish the same objectives. A good teacher will consider the unique characteristics of each respective student.

If you think about the teachers that you responded to when you were in school, you probably remember educators that you respected for their knowledge. This is something to keep in mind if you are ever asked to train new hires. You have to gain the respect of the people that you are training, and once you have that, everything else will fall into place if the student is willing. Craig Markham demonstrated his legal expertise to new hires, and he shared personal experiences to get messages across. His approach yielded extraordinary results among young police officers, and it can be applied to any type of new hire training situation.

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