Craig Markham – Pursuing a Career in Law Enforcement

Craig Markham is a successful Police Constable based in Ontario, Canada. He enjoys his job and the experiences it has brought him. Since beginning in his position, he has learnt a lot about negotiating with people and communicating directly, as well as more specific skills necessary for investigations. The team atmosphere is something that he believes is one of the strong points of Law Enforcement, as he can rely on the others in his department to work just as hard as he does. Becoming more in touch with the community of his hometown is another advantage that his career has brought him, and he enjoys projecting a positive image for the police force.

Craig MarkhamDuring high school, he pursued sports more than studies and graduated with no particular career in mind, despite being offered a prestigious baseball scholarship. He left school and went to work for his father’s construction firm, a fallback option that taught him many life lessons about hard work. With this job in construction, he was able to pay his way through later studies in college, an advantage that many do not have today. These experiences prior to his college studies combined to make him an ideal candidate for law enforcement, with a strong work ethic and good physical fitness to help him through the training.

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As he worked at his father’s construction firm, his interest in attending college and pursuing a career in Law Enforcement grew. Craig Markham began to realize that studying and joining the police force were two ways to open up opportunities and to give back to the hometown that had given him a great childhood experience. He enrolled in Conestoga College to pursue a Law Enforcement and Investigations to Certificate, which he attained honors in. The hard work he put in led him to study for his first job in Law Enforcement as a Corrections Officer at the Ontario Correctional Services College. With excellent grades, he began to work, building up experience for his dream job as Police Constable.

In 2002, he decided to study at the Ontario Police College and become a Police Constable. He excelled in his studies, attaining an average of 97.3% and finishing at the top of his class. The experiences he had in construction and Correctional Services helped him, as did his previous studies. With his studies complete, he was soon employed by Waterloo Regional Police Service, where he worked for over a decade. With more than fifteen years of Law Enforcement experience, he still enjoys his job and believes that it is one of the most fulfilling professions available. He gives back to his hometown and his country while working, and the community thanks him for his diligent work.

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