Craig Markham – Choosing the Right Career

Craig Markham, long-serving Police Constable based in Ontario, Canada, believes that he has found the right career. He came into Law Enforcement with reservations about whether it was right for him, but his doubts soon vanished and today, he enjoys his job. He found this career through a process of trial and error, rather than always believing he would work in the police force.

Craig Markham

Throughout high school, he enjoyed playing sports including hockey, judo and baseball. His proficiency at baseball led to him being offered a scholarship to a university based in America to play, but he declined this offer. Instead, he began to work in construction for his father’s firm, an easy entry into the work force that utilized his physical skills and taught him communication techniques that he still uses today.

A career path began to form in his mind as he worked on buildings with his father, and he decided to study at college while still working. His job in construction allowed him to pay his way through college, a useful advantage to have. He enjoyed his studies, graduating with honors, and was the top of his class at the Ontario Police College.

Craig Markham didn’t always have a clear career path in mind, but this has not stopped him from succeeding. He enjoys his job as a Police Constable and has worked in Law Enforcement for over fifteen years. When it came to choosing a career, he relied on his instincts rather than a set path, and this flexibility has paid off.

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