Craig Markham – The Benefits of Sport

Craig Markham is a successful Police Constable who has been working in Law Enforcement for over fifteen years. His career achievements can be attributed to his hard work and dedication, but he also believes that the coordination and fitness he built up as an athlete have helped him with his work. During high school, he was competitive in baseball, hockey and judo, and was even offered a scholarship to play baseball at an American university.

Craig Markham

The benefits of his sporting prowess are not only the physical strength and fitness that comes with such demanding activities. He also believes that the mental discipline of training every day and working hard towards a goal have taught him the right mindset for working in Law Enforcement. He sees each day as a challenge and works hard to resolve problems with a competitive attitude. Being a team player is another part of sport philosophy that has helped him in life, and he first discovered the benefits of this attitude while working with his father in construction. The philosophy behind sports applies to many aspects of life and work, especially physical and mentally rigorous jobs such as Law Enforcement.

Craig Markham was a dedicated sportsman during high school and the benefits of this commitment can be seen in the longevity of his career and his accomplishments within the police force. Working to achieve goals is his focus in life, and this perspective allows him to succeed. Without the self-control he developed while training for competitive sports, he does not know where his career would have taken him.

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