Craig Markham: What it Takes to Succeed in Law Enforcement

Craig Markham was a law enforcement officer between 2002 and 2015. He is a native of Ontario, Canada and enjoyed being able to serve his community in a professional capacity. He graduated from the Ontario Police College in 2002 and became employed as a police constable. He worked for the Waterloo Regional Police Service and focused on serving his community as best he could. Craig Markham enjoyed working with the public and helping to keep his community safe. If you want to build a successful career as a law enforcement officer, there are a few tips that you can take into consideration.

One tip is to focus on your communication skills. As a law enforcement officer, you will be expected to communicate with the public and with various public servant departments. While you are out on patrol or responding to a call, you will need to interact with people in order to determine why you were called and what people need. Once you have completed your call, you will need to write a report for your superiors. In some cases, you may even be expected to testify in court.

Another tip is to work on your customer service skills. Law enforcement officers and public servants. If you choose this career path, you will be responsible for helping people. You will need to be able to make people feel safe and secure.

A third tip is to continue your training. It may be helpful to enroll in any additional training course that is made available to you. Additional training you help you serve the public and move up through your career. Craig Markham served Ontario as a law enforcement officer for more than a decade. He focused on developing his skills so that he could better serve the community.

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