Craig Markham: How to Become a Police Constable

Craig Markham spent several years training to become a police constable in Ontario, Canada. Like most positions in law enforcement, he had to undergo extensive training. As a police constable, he is required to work with the community to ensure public safety through crime prevention and the enforcement of local bylaws.

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Becoming a police constable doesn’t require a four-year degree from a University, but you do have to have completed four years of secondary school. You must be physically and mentally able to complete the duties of the position and hold your own safety and the safety of the public in high regard. You also must meet these other requirements:

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  • You must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent Canadian resident;
  • You must be eighteen years or older;
  • You must maintain good habits and be of good moral character;
  • You have to have a valid Canadian driver’s license and have no more than six accumulated demerit points;
  • You need to be First Aid and C.P.R. certified;
  • You must meet vision and hearing standards;
  • You can’t have any criminal convictions; unless a pardon has been granted;
  • You have to pass the medical examination.

If you meet the above requirements, you have a good chance of becoming a police constable and starting a career in law enforcement. Craig Markham has been working as a Police Constable since 2002. He has completed numerous training courses and attended multiple seminars to ensure he possesses the best tools and information to keep those in his community safe.

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