Craig Markham: Top Benefits of Letting Kids Participate in Martial Arts

Craig Markham is a dedicated law enforcement professional in Ontario, Canada. Since 2000, he has been a volunteer at Take Control Self Defense, instructing children in the arts of Judo. It is taught as a competitive sport and teaches kids how to throw a partner using their balance and leverage. It is great for helping them to learn self-control and respect for their opponent. Here are some other benefits kids can gain from practicing martial arts.

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  • Fitness

Physical fitness is an important element in all martial arts classes. Many classes begin with participants completing pushups, jumping jacks, and a series of stretches. The movements practiced also challenge participants’ muscles and cardiovascular system, resulting in physically fit, flexible and toned individuals.

  • Self-Discipline

Martial arts encourage mental focus in participants. This will provide your child with better concentration, allowing him to see tasks through to their conclusion. The discipline learned in martial arts classes are often able to be translated into other areas in their life.

  • Respect

The physical nature of martial arts comes second to the teaching of respect for oneself and others. During the course of their lessons, children learn how to treat other students in the manner they wish to be treated and are instructed regularly on the practice of respecting oneself, parents, teachers, and peers.

The lessons learned during a martial arts class are ones that children carry with them throughout their lives. Craig Markham has been providing instruction in the art of Judo to children in Ontario, Canada for fifteen years.

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