Craig Markham – Ontario Police College

Ontario Police College leads in police training on an international level. Craig Markham, a former police constable, graduated at the top of his class with a 97.3% overall average and excelled in his work in law enforcement. With an interest in serving his community through law enforcement for several years after graduating high school, Markham was able to make his dream a reality by working full time while attending school.

Craig Markham

The Ontario Police College values leaders such as Markham and appreciates their participation in law enforcement. The college works to ensure it maintains a high level of excellence that attracts the finest talent available. This continuous pursuit of excellence creates a unique atmosphere of learning for both new and experienced officers alike.

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The classes offered by the college work to perfect skills that are used in the response and care in meeting need diverse needs of the various communities throughout Ontario. The college only offers training to officers who have already been hired rather than that of the general public as well and provides the best in academic and physical training for police available.

For graduates such as Craig Markham, the education received through the college provides a foundation for law enforcement that lasts a lifetime. Markham now meets the needs of local communities in Ontario by providing Judo courses to engage youth and self-defense courses. His continued involvement in bettering the community highlights the character of those who graduate from the college and their devotion to keeping others safe.

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Craig Markham – Martial Arts as a pastime

Martial arts is a pastime for people of all ages and backgrounds. Craig Markham, martial arts enthusiast, and Judo instructor, greatly enjoys teaching others and helping them stay active in a sport he loves. Learning a new and exciting way to get fit and remain healthy is great for those who may find it difficult to keep up with morning jogs or other forms of working out when left to their own devices.

Craig MarkhamMartial arts can fit the lifestyle of many people as it can be adapted to be a lower impact workout than many strength training exercises or lifting weights. It also has the added benefit of being a full body workout that incorporates the use of all of your muscles that may be missed if you simply went to the gym on your own for a workout.

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An added benefit of learning martial arts would be the rich history that comes with the sport that can be learned and help participants develop a greater respect for the activity.

Craig Markham particularly enjoys teaching youth in the arts. He believes that providing them with positive activities that build character and confidence are excellent resources later in life. Giving kids an extra boost of confidence in physical activity often leads to higher levels of confidence in academics and in a professional capacity later in life. Watching his students develop a passion for the sport while developing life skills is one of the reasons instructors like Markham enjoy their jobs and have such a deep passion for the sport.

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Craig Markham – Becoming a Correctional Officer

If you are thinking of becoming a correctional officer with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services you should know the process takes time and effort. Former Correctional Officer, Craig Markham, knew he was made for a life in law enforcement shortly after completing his high school degree. After attending  Ontario Correctional Services College with honors, Markham was well trained and prepared for the duties of providing care and custody of the ethnic and diverse population of offenders throughout Ontario’s correctional facilities.

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Craig Markham

The most important function of a correctional officer is to maintain the security of the facility and order within it. Although this may sound like a simple task, this security goes far beyond bars and locked doors. These peace officers are responsible for the total well-being, control, and custody of the offenders under their care. They must be able to adequately supervise all activities and movements throughout the facility as well.

Correctional officers must have the ability to think quickly on their feet. There will be instances were remaining alert and reacting swiftly means the difference between maintaining order and possible disaster. Maintaining patience while communicating clearly and effectively is also vital to the safety of everyone in the facility.

For Craig Markham, employment as a corrections officer not only began his career in law enforcement but gave him the foundation to discover his passion for becoming a police constable later on. Work in corrections teaches valuable tools for law enforcement workers and is a wonderful career for those who are up to the task.

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Craig Markham – Joining Law Enforcement

Making the decision to join law enforcement is a huge step in your life as well as the lives of your loved ones. Craig Markham, a former police constable, knows all about the sacrifices made when joining the force. While serving the people of your community is one of the most selfless and honorable jobs a person can hold, you should prepare yourself for what the job entails and make sure the police force is the right fit for you.

Craig Markham

  1. Learn about the field. Do your research! Read books, research online, and speak to others who have been in law enforcement. Be prepared for the courses you will need to take and treat them seriously. They will give you a good indication of what is to come.

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  1. Piggybacking off of our first tip, prepare yourself for success! If it sounds like law enforcement if for you prepare yourself to be the best. Study for your tests, soak up any knowledge you can obtain through police training, and discover where you would fit best in the force.
  2. Maintain your physical fitness. Police work is no cakewalk. While it is important to work hard academically, there is a certain amount of physical fitness that will be required when you test, and when you hit the streets. Keeping yourself fit and ready for unforeseen circumstances can indeed one day save your life!

Craig Markham graduated at the top of his class during his constable training and knows the importance of preparing oneself mentally and physically for the job. Keeping a level head and enjoying the difference you are making in your community can provide you with a long and fruitful career with the law.

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Craig Markham – Alternative Investment Options You Can Consider

After a 15-year career as a law enforcement officer, Craig Markham decided to pursue other interests like investing in financial markets. Like many people, his goal is to ensure that he retires comfortably and on his own terms.

Craig Markham

There are numerous investment options available when you decide to start investing or saving for retirement. Choosing an option that you are comfortable with takes a lot of research, and it comes down to two things: the time and amount of risk you’re willing to tolerate. If you’re fresh out of college, you likely the appetite for riskier options and time is on your side. Someone close to retiring, on the other hand, might want to play it safe since time isn’t much of their friend. Regardless of which side you identify with, there are solid options you can consider.

Treasury securities

Treasury securities are of different forms, including treasury notes, bonds, T-bills, and treasury inflation-protected securities. By investing in treasury securities, you are lending money to the federal government on the promise that it will pay back the full amount plus interest.

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Have you thought about investing in yourself? If you’ve got a couple thousand laying around perhaps it’s time you went back to school and improved your skills and knowledge.

Become a silent partner

While starting a business can be risky, you can choose to become a silent partner and invest in an existing one. Because small business owners often find it hard to find capital to expand the business, you can ease the burden by becoming a silent owner.

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Craig Markham – How to Get in Playing Shape

At the beginning of every baseball season, coaches are faced with a recurring issue. For some reason, many players show up out of shape. Craig Markham has played baseball competitively, and he knows sometimes it’s a matter of not having a consistent routine in the offseason as during the season. However, players can ensure they don’t draw the ire of coaches if they can identify a few exercises to help keep them in shape.

Craig Markham

Jumping jacks

While they seem easy, not everyone does them correctly. Take your hands from your sides and as you move them over your head, make sure they touch at the top. This exercise improves your range of motion.


A typical burpee involves many major muscles, so it’s a good workout for body strength. You start by jumping up with extended arms, land in a squat position, come down to your toes and hands (in front of the feet), and then kick the legs back to rest in a pushup position.

To complete one rep, bring your legs back underneath you (squat position) and jump up with extended arms.

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Shuffle splits

Stand on the balls of your feet, with about 8 inches of space between the feet. Move your feet back and forth by generating movement from the hips. Keep your hands on the hips with eyes straight forward.

Mountain climbers

In a push-up position, bend one knee towards the elbow while keeping the other leg outstretched. Alternate this “climbing” movement with your legs, preferably speeding up as you get used to the exercise.

As a young baseball player in Canada, Craig Markham was scouted by the University of California Golden Bears.

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Craig Markham – Popular Careers in Criminal Justice

Craig Markham worked as a law enforcement officer for more than 15 years, in the process becoming a respected member of the field. In his career, he was able to see the growth of various careers in the criminal justice system, some of which could be enticing to young graduates seeking to become productive members of society.

Craig Markham

Craig Markham

Patrol/police officer

Not only are police officers the most visible professionals in the criminal justice world, the occupation is among the most popular in the field. There is a continuous demand for police officers, as some are retiring and others moving into new areas of work. Given the large number of police officer positions in the country, there is always a law enforcement agency looking to add its officer numbers.

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Paralegals perform many of the same functions as lawyers, their pay is just considerable less. However, many law firms rely on paralegals to help get work done. For a paralegal, the job is a good avenue to get into law. Many paralegals are students looking to gain valuable experience and money to pay their way through law school.

Criminal investigators

Criminal investigators rank just a little higher than police officers. In fact, after accumulating a number of years of experience in the field, many police officers will apply to become criminal investigators or detectives. Investigative work is usually specialized and is one of the more adored positions in criminal justice.

Craig Markham first developed an interest in law enforcement in 1998, upon which he enrolled in college to obtain a Law Enforcement and Investigations Certificate.

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