Craig Markham – Pursuing a Career in Law Enforcement

Craig Markham is a successful Police Constable based in Ontario, Canada. He enjoys his job and the experiences it has brought him. Since beginning in his position, he has learnt a lot about negotiating with people and communicating directly, as well as more specific skills necessary for investigations. The team atmosphere is something that he believes is one of the strong points of Law Enforcement, as he can rely on the others in his department to work just as hard as he does. Becoming more in touch with the community of his hometown is another advantage that his career has brought him, and he enjoys projecting a positive image for the police force.

Craig MarkhamDuring high school, he pursued sports more than studies and graduated with no particular career in mind, despite being offered a prestigious baseball scholarship. He left school and went to work for his father’s construction firm, a fallback option that taught him many life lessons about hard work. With this job in construction, he was able to pay his way through later studies in college, an advantage that many do not have today. These experiences prior to his college studies combined to make him an ideal candidate for law enforcement, with a strong work ethic and good physical fitness to help him through the training.

As he worked at his father’s construction firm, his interest in attending college and pursuing a career in Law Enforcement grew. Craig Markham began to realize that studying and joining the police force were two ways to open up opportunities and to give back to the hometown that had given him a great childhood experience. He enrolled in Conestoga College to pursue a Law Enforcement and Investigations to Certificate, which he attained honors in. The hard work he put in led him to study for his first job in Law Enforcement as a Corrections Officer at the Ontario Correctional Services College. With excellent grades, he began to work, building up experience for his dream job as Police Constable.

In 2002, he decided to study at the Ontario Police College and become a Police Constable. He excelled in his studies, attaining an average of 97.3% and finishing at the top of his class. The experiences he had in construction and Correctional Services helped him, as did his previous studies. With his studies complete, he was soon employed by Waterloo Regional Police Service, where he worked for over a decade. With more than fifteen years of Law Enforcement experience, he still enjoys his job and believes that it is one of the most fulfilling professions available. He gives back to his hometown and his country while working, and the community thanks him for his diligent work.

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Craig Markham – Practicing “Word Judo”

As a highly experienced judo instructor, Craig Markham has a deep understanding of the discipline. He has spent 11 years of his life in law enforcement, and of course, having this martial arts background is quite beneficial for people in this field of endeavor.

Craig Markham

When you read the previous statement, you are invariably going to focus on the physical benefits. Without question, a background in martial arts is certainly going to be an asset if you are a peace officer. However, judo as it would apply to self-defense on a physical level is not the only type of judo that can be used to great advantage.

As Craig Markham can tell you, judo is a highly advanced, multifaceted discipline. However, in a very simple sense, as a practitioner of judo, you use the momentum of your opponent to gain an advantage. This can be done physically, but it can also be done with words. For example, let’s say you are a police officer, and you see someone kneeling next to an injured friend. The person is well-meaning, but he is frantic. You can order him in a forceful manner to allow you to apply first aid and call for medical assistance. This may or may not be effective. On the other hand, you could use word judo to turn his momentum to your advantage. You could say something like, “I need your help, could you please make room for me next to your friend?” In this manner, you are working with the subject’s momentum instead of confronting it head on.

Craig Markham can use physical judo to defend himself, but he can also use word judo to manage difficult situations. These skills are part of the complete package that organizational recruiters are always trying to find.

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Craig Markham – Tips on New Hire Training

Being approached by your superiors to train others in your chosen field of endeavor is a very high compliment, and this is an honor that was bestowed on Craig Markham. When he was a Police Constable for the Waterloo Regional Police Service in Cambridge, Ontario, he was the kind of person that the higher-ups wanted to clone if it was possible. The next best thing would be to ask Craig Markham to lead and train new hires, and that is exactly what they did. Of course, he accepted this responsibility willingly, and he excelled as a designated training officer.

Craig Markham

Why was he so effective? A lot of people can do what they do well, but they are not necessarily very good at explaining it to others. Communication skills are tantamount. Plus, there are different ways to accomplish the same objectives. A good teacher will consider the unique characteristics of each respective student.

If you think about the teachers that you responded to when you were in school, you probably remember educators that you respected for their knowledge. This is something to keep in mind if you are ever asked to train new hires. You have to gain the respect of the people that you are training, and once you have that, everything else will fall into place if the student is willing. Craig Markham demonstrated his legal expertise to new hires, and he shared personal experiences to get messages across. His approach yielded extraordinary results among young police officers, and it can be applied to any type of new hire training situation.

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Craig Markham – Diffusing Tense Situations

If there is one strength that Craig Markham has developed over the course of his professional career, it is the ability to handle tense and sensitive situations. He started out as a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer for the city of Waterloo, Ontario, and he subsequently spent some time with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Guelph Correctional Centre. Ultimately, he moved on to accept a coveted position as a Police Constable for the Waterloo Regional Police Service in Cambridge, Ontario. Clearly, when you have vast experience overseeing inmates and policing communities, you have been forced to handle more than your share of high pressure situations. It takes a rare individual to be able to keep cool under these circumstances. This is the first step, but as you maintain your composure, you need to have a calming influence on others. This is very challenging, but this is one of Craig Markham’s greatest strengths.

Craig Markham

Some people have the innate ability to communicate in an effective, tactful way that can slice through the resistance of the listener, and Craig Markham is one of them. When you have been involved in mediation of conflicts for many years, you hone these natural abilities. Defusing tense situations will require honest, clear communication, and a sincere desire to put out the flame as it were. People feel this when they interact with him, and the results are usually quite positive.

The take away is this: Keep cool, stay neutral, and communicate honestly, and you should be able to diffuse tense situations effectively.

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Craig Markham – Strengthening the Fabric of the Community

Community is very important to Craig Markham, and this is one of the reasons why he chose to embark on a career in the community safety and corrections industries. Your career and your life as a private citizen should not necessarily be looked upon as two entirely different aspects of yourself. Ideally, you should strike the right balance and consider the impact that you have on the community when you go to work each day. As an income earner, you purchase goods and services, so you are making an ongoing contribution to the local economy. Plus, depending on the exact nature of your work, you may be providing these goods and services that people need, so your work has a positive impact on that level as well.

Craig Markham

Craig Markham

When you are deciding what you want to do with your life, you may want to think long and hard about how your career path will impact the community around you. This is exactly what Craig Markham did before he decided to devote himself to public service. He always recognized the value of community safety and the rehabilitation of citizens who took wrong turns, and he respected law enforcement officers and people who worked in corrections. These are very necessary but difficult vocations, but he was willing to take on the challenge for the benefit of his community. He embarked on a career in the policing and public safety sector, and he proudly served the community for the next 11 years.

People often talk about the sacrifices that members of the armed forces make for their countries, and indeed, we owe veterans a debt of gratitude. At the same time, here at home, law enforcement officers risk their lives every day as well. The dangerous, life-threatening situations are part of the equation, but they also react to many other highly sensitive scenarios on a day-to-day basis. A real human being with a family and his or her own dreams and aspirations will be quick to respond when you call the police.

These individuals are willing to do just about anything to help others, and the people in distress are usually individuals that they have never met. Without question, if you want to strengthen the fabric of your community, you may want to consider a career in law enforcement.

The work that you do on the job when you are a peace officer is extraordinarily important, but you can also contribute to the community when you are not in uniform. Craig Markham has been teaching judo to the local youth for many years, and he has also been involved in citizen and auxiliary policing efforts. If you wake up every morning and know that you are making a positive difference, you are living a life with purpose, and you are making your community stronger each and every day.

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Craig Markham – Tips For New Police Officers

Craig Markham was a Police Constable for the Waterloo Regional Police Service between 2002 and 2015 and he believes that the help he received during his early years in the force helped him to develop into the excellent police officer that he became. New officers should make it a point to follow these tips so they continue their professional growths and learn as much as possible while on the job.

Craig Markham

Take Advantage Of Additional Courses
Any courses or seminars that can help you to improve as a professional should be taken advantage of, as they will help you to develop the skills you will need when in the field even more quickly. Consider areas where you may want to specialize and keep an eye out for any courses that may be relevant to you so that you can sign up as quickly as possible.

Every police force does things in slightly different ways, so you are going to need to learn about how to properly conduct yourself when on the job. Listen to and observe those who have more experience than you, as this will allow you to develop your knowledge base and understand how to use the system that has been put in place by the force you’re working at to your advantage.

Be Humble
Craig Markham finds that cocky police officers, especially rookies, often fail to learn the most important aspects of the job. Stay humble at all times and listen to your superiors. Remember that you are part of a team and must play your role effectively.

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Craig Markham – Qualities That Police Officers Must Possess

Craig Markham worked as a Police Constable for the Waterloo Regional Police Service between 2002 and 2015, establishing a reputation as a fearless and effective police officer during that time. He took a wide variety of courses in an effort to enhance his skillset and delighted in working to improve his local community. There are many qualities that police officers must possess in order to do their jobs effectively, including all of the following.

Craig Markham


Police officers must be able to approach all situations that they encounter with confidence in their own abilities. This is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, the people that you serve in the role will be reassured by the presence of a figure who exudes authority. Plus, you will also find that criminals may take advantage of police officers who are not comfortable dealing with difficult situations or those who display a lack of confidence.

A Cool Head

Police officers will often face stressful or emotionally-charged situations, so it is crucial that they are able to keep cool heads and stay logical at all times. Failing to do so leads to mistakes, which could put you, your fellow officers and members of the public in danger.

Physical Fitness

Craig Markham practices martial arts in order to maintain his physical fitness levels and understands that police officers must do what they can to stay in the best shape possible. They must be capable of reacting quickly, chasing potential criminals and exerting physical force when the situation calls for it.

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